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A conversation with comedian and advocate Sameena Mustafa about the election and what to do next

Not to dampen the season, but my earliest holiday memory is watching our neighbors’ Christmas through the window, marveling at all the aunts, uncles and cousins, and knowing that an entire half of our family would never be available to throng about the house holding wineglasses and reunions. So, you may reasonably ask, if that’s... Read more »

Chicago comedy spotlight for November 28-November 30

This week’s calendar is in two parts. Part I, through Wednesday, features a variety of Chicago comedy with shows to help you make sense of the election and shows to help you forget it. If you’re gathering your thoughts on the festive season, Thalia Hall has got just the thing: an electrifying presentation of John... Read more »

Chicago comedy spotlight for November 21-27 including Thanksgiving

In town this week: Amy Schumer, Whitney Cummings and Andy Cohen. Returning to their comedy hometown: Michael Palascak, Sebastian Maniscalco, Cecily Strong, Mike Lebovitz, Kevin Dorff, Chris Redd and Jack McBrayer. This week is an auspicious time for pop-up shows from comedians with Chicago ties. Amy Schumer and Hannibal Buress are especially known for surprise... Read more »

Chicago comedy spotlight for November 17-20

Comedians in town: Gary Gulman, Nick Swardson, Jerrod Carmichael, George Lopez, Sam Morrill, Matt Braunger, Corey Holcomb, Sheryl Underwood, Earthquake, Dominique and Red Grant. Tim Barnes and Scott Adsit return to their comedy hometown for the first Chicago Podcast Festival. Bob Saget and Kevin McDonald also join the Festival’s abundantly star-studded line-up. More details below.... Read more »

Chicago comedy spotlight for November 14-16

One-hundred-eight years. One week. In true Cubs’ fashion, we had one measly week of World Series happiness before the election hit. So there’s welcome good news if you’re a comedy fan in Chicago. This week’s comedy is so big, I need two posts to contain it. Starting out here with ten events over the next... Read more »

The fabulous Chicago Podcast Festival is what you need to recover from your election hangover

It’s the first Chicago Podcast Festival! It’s comedy! Intriguing conversation! Diverse points of view! Intimate stories! Behind-the-scenes secrets! Celebrities! Friends! The Chicago Podcast Festival is November 17th to 19th. You’ll hear conversation and stories you won’t experience anywhere else with people you won’t meet anywhere else. You’ll connect with people who used to be strangers.... Read more »

Don't abstain from voting! Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart stage musical spectacular telling us why!

My morning routine: stumble around for forty-five minutes employing my patented life-saving shortcuts. Number one is scrambling eggs in the microwave but only for forty-seven seconds. Any more and they’ve got the consistency of tires. Then, a coupla meds, hopefully avoiding the sort of fog where I might take today’s meds, promptly forget and then... Read more »

Chicago comedy spotlight for November 7-13

Two Chicago comedy festivals this week! The Chicago Open-Mic Festival is already under way and the Chicago Comedy Film Festival begins on Thursday with a tribute to Chicagoan and Annoyance Theatre alum Jane Lynch. Also visiting this week! Bridget Everett, Trevor Noah, John Heffron, Karen Knotts, The Midnight Swinger, Shane Mauss and Joel McHale. Plus,... Read more »

Chicago's Open-Mic Festival is the playoffs and World Series of open mics ... and it's free!

November is a season of championships and it’s not just the Cubs. Beginning Sunday, November 6, Chicago celebrates its Third Annual Open-Mic Festival. The competition takes place over five nights at twenty-one venues. It’s a unique opportunity for comedians and comedy fans. Festival producer David Gavri expects at least fifty comedians at each open mic,... Read more »

My favorite tweets from the Cubs' World Series win

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">Why aren&#39;t the <a href="">@Cubs</a> pants tighter? Should be capri pants, should hug those curves. Football gives us <a href="">@Beyonce</a> so <a href="">@MLB</a> step it up</p>&mdash; Brookes May (@bmay2) <a href="">November 3, 2016</a></blockquote>
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