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The Defiant Thomas Brothers return for limited run in even more politically correct world* and talk to me

I am talking with the Defiant Thomas Brothers and they are all of those things. They are Thomases, being Seth Thomas and Paul Thomas. They are brothers in comedy, creativity and fame, if not genetics. They are also defying my terrier-like attempts to get them to spill the secrets of their magic. There has to be a... Read more »

Sleeping is a nightmare of limericks

One day per month, ChicagoNow bloggers get a specific assignment to complete in an hour. Our assignment an hour ago was to write about sleep and its impact on your life. As many of my comrades in deprivation will appreciate, all I could come up with was limericks. Sleeping is my nemesis It never happens... Read more »

Hot topics! A Q&A with Jim Gaffigan

I’m glad no one talks about the “sexy dad bod” anymore and I don’t want to resurrect it, but can we talk about what really counts? How about the “sexy dad mind” and the Chicago comedian who exemplifies it: Jim Gaffigan. “Wait!,” your inner voice protests, “Jim Gaffigan who talks about Hot Pockets, bacon and... Read more »