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Your Chicago Comedy Calendar for August 2015

August is not a quiet month, at least not in Chicago comedy. There is greatness everywhere.  Greatness visiting from out of town and greatness we’re privileged to have year around. Comedians visiting this month include: Jim Gaffigan, Dan Telfer, David Heti, John Roy, Dwayne Kennedy, Lahna Turner, Miranda Sings, Jay Phillips, Doug Benson, K-Von, Bill... Read more »

Talking with Hope Rehak: a Chicago comedian whose star is on the rise

A friend of mine who is a law professor and comedy fan wrote me to say I need to know about Hope Rehak.  I love getting interview suggestions, so I was enthusiastic.  I realized how great his suggestion was when I saw Hope’s clips on YouTube and saw a young, rising comedian who looks like... Read more »