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Your Chicago Comedy Calendar for July 2015

My rule for this calendar was there had to be comedy every day!  As if it’s a challenge. It would be harder in Chicago to find a day without comedy. Certainly in July, you won’t need to restrict fire power to the Fourth. Comedy fireworks are all month and no mosquitoes. (Please confirm details to... Read more »

Q&A with Director Cathryn Michon: how Muffin Top became a rare and powerful rom-com

My husband and I have a tradition of bringing in the New Year with an argument.  Stay in or go out?  In 2015 we broke the tradition.  We were in complete agreement  about staying in, inviting friends over and watching Second City alum Cathryn Michon’s Muffin Top.  The film is a unique rom-com.  Its theme,... Read more »

Derek Sheen to record live album at Chicago's Comedians You Should Know on June 24, 25

Because of Derek Sheen, I will never again think of an escalator as an escalator.  Instead, I will take the “wizard stairs.”  Thanks to this Seattle-based comedian, the next billion times I say something in some mortifying way I didn’t mean (and believe me, those billion times all are likely to occur by next Tuesday),... Read more »

A Q&A with comedian David Heti, and it was more than OK

Why aren’t philosophers listed in the Yellow Pages?  I need a philosopher to articulate the reasons for my existential dread.  I could use a philosopher combined with a lawyer.  Lawyers construct arguments as beautiful as geometric theorems to force us to address the wrongs that created the dread in the first place. What if I... Read more »