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Pour Fabrice Calmels, Le Danseur Le Plus Grand Du Monde, La Taille N’est Qu’un Chiffre

Pour Fabrice Calmels, Le Danseur Le Plus Grand Du Monde, La Taille N’est Qu’un Chiffre By Stephanie Wolf of Dance Informa. Si vous demandez  à Fabrice Calmels ce qu’il voulait faire petit, la réponse pourrait vous surprendre. «En réalité, ce que je voulais, c’était être un pilote de l’Air Force » explique t’il. Il rêvait de piloter... Read more »

Joffrey Ballet Othello

Hi everyone, I am so glad to be back to Chicago after our month-long tour and to be working on  the major production of “Othello”, in which I play the lead.  This role has been a huge experience in my career because of the multiple challenges it presents…both physically and mentally. 1) It is a three-act ballet and... Read more »

Juggling Nine Ballets At Once

Joffrey Ballet 
Sacre du Printemps
The new year has begun, and the marathon of “Nutcracker” performances, which is grueling for dancers everywhere, is over.  It’s always well worth it, though, to see the smiling faces of kids and adults alike watch the shows.  I danced several roles in The Joffrey Ballet’s production in Cleveland and Chicago, and performed the Cavalier lead with Carla Korbes www.facebook.com/VailDancefrom Pacific... Read more »

Teaching Ballet in Chicago

Aside from my professional career dancing at the Joffrey, I fill much of my free time by teaching ballet classes throughout the city.   And now I’m incredibly excited to announce that I’m starting a brand new beginner class on Wednesday nights in addition to my current classes on Thursdays and Saturdays. I have been... Read more »

Emergency Fill-in Performance for WGN TV

  Being a principal dancer at the Joffrey means that you must be able to jump into a role with a new partner at any time, respond to emergency situations, and do whatever is asked of you.  This morning I received a phone call that Miguel (the other dancer performing the role of Othello) hurt... Read more »

The Joffrey Ballet's Othello Making Headlines

Well, I admit that from a personal standpoint the opening performance of Othello went incredibly well on Wednesday night, and now we have a wonderful review from Sid Smith at the Chicago Tribune.  I want to thank everyone that came to see the performance on Wednesday night, including all of the wonderful emails, messages, and... Read more »

The Joffrey Ballet's Opening Night for Othello Is Finally Here

  This will be a short blog just to let everyone know that Othello is finally opening at the Auditorium Theater tonight, Wednesday, October 14 at 7:30pm (in case I haven’t said it enough)!!  Below is the list of show dates and how to purchase tickets.  I would love to see you there, and would... Read more »

The Honor in Wearing the Othello Costume

As the rehearsal process comes to an end and we put our hard work on display tomorrow night for our Chicago audiences, I admit I’ve been thinking about what this performance, this role, and this time in my life means to me.  It is a real honor to be chosen to dance the role of... Read more »

Rehearsal With the One and Only, Mikhail Baryshnikov

How do you get a dancer to become simultaneously terrified and exhilarated?  Have Mikhail Baryshnikov, THE Mikhail Baryshnikov, the world’s greatest dancer, watch your rehearsal.  How’s that for intimidation??  Well today Mr. Baryshnikov attended my rehearsal for Othello, and I have to say, it was one of the most nerve-wracking and simultaneously exciting moments of... Read more »

Preview video for the Joffrey Ballet's Othello

Here is the Joffrey Ballet’s promotional video for our upcoming production of Othello at the Auditorium Theater, October 14-25th.  I’m so thrilled with how the video turned out and couldn’t wait to share it with the ChicagoNow readers!  I hope this will catch the attention of everyone out there, including those of you that may... Read more »