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FABRICE CALMELS PERFORMANCE SCHEDULE 2018-2019 CHICAGO (Auditorium Theater)   The Nutcracker as Impressario Sunday 12/29  2pm The Nutcracker as Arabian Thursday 12/26 2pm      

Juggling Nine Ballets At Once

Joffrey Ballet 
Sacre du Printemps
The new year has begun, and the marathon of “Nutcracker” performances, which is grueling for dancers everywhere, is over.  It’s always well worth it, though, to see the smiling faces of kids and adults alike watch the shows.  I danced several roles in The Joffrey Ballet’s production in Cleveland and Chicago, and performed the Cavalier lead with Carla Korbes www.facebook.com/VailDancefrom Pacific... Read more »

Joffrey Ballet Nutcracker - Fabrice Calmels performance schedule

  SATURDAY 12/8     2:00pm Arabian (Ward)   SUNDAY 12/9      2:00pm Snow King & Arabian (Zimmerman)   THURSDAY 12/13    11:00am Snow King (Ward)   FRIDAY 12/14     7:00pm Arabian (Ward)   SATURDAY 12/15    7:00p, Snow King (Ward) & Arabian (Holmes)   SUNDAY 12/16    2:00pm Nutcracker Prince   SUNDAY 12/23   7:00pm... Read more »

Taking the Nutcracker Back to CA

(Finally able to post ;)) I am now on the plane to California, the Monday following April and my last grand Pas (duet), and it feels a little bit like we have been doing the Nutcracker for two months now.  The traveling is making things seem a little longer than normal, not in a bad... Read more »

Few Facts About Joffrey Ballet's Nutcracker

Just a few fun things to know about the Joffrey Ballet’s Nutcracker.  Don’t forget, we open our Chicago run this Friday December 9th at the Auditorium Theater and run through December 27th (tickets here).  Hope to see you there! #1: The Joffrey Ballet Nutcracker premiered in 1987 at the Hancher Auditorium in Iowa #2: The... Read more »

Thanks LA from the Joffrey

1, 2, 3…the countdown is already happening and my accumulation of various parts is coming and going.  Last night I performed the Nutcracker Prince and had been looking forward to making it a wonderful moment….15 minutes of intense dancing to close the ballet. April Daly was my sugarplum partner last night and she was wonderful.... Read more »

It's Joffrey Nutcracker Season!

It’s that time again, the Nutcracker.  Back in Chicago we have been working on getting the production up and running once again, getting back the information that was missing from a never dismantled puzzle.  We find ourselves quickly back here again every year, and every year it is as much a celebration.  The Joffrey’s version... Read more »

The Last Nutcracker

It’s 10:16am as I write this, ready to leave my place for the last Nutcracker performance.  I woke up this morning saying “this is it”, and even received a few text messages from friends saying “last one! you made it!”.  It’s absolutely right we made it, regardless of injury to my left hip and shoulder,... Read more »

One Week Left of Nutcracker

A week of all things nuts:  This morning I sat having my coffee, thinking about this week’s Nutcracker marathon ahead of me.  A marathon to me is 2 shows a day until we are done on the 26th…then again this is nothing new to me as this is as it always is at Joffrey during... Read more »

A Dancer's Makeup Evolution

I thought everyone would enjoy seeing the work that goes into being able to look so stunning on stage, lol! No, in all honesty, stage makeup adds a great deal to what you see as an audience member, so everyone (men and women) must go through this process for every show…multiple shows a day, day... Read more »