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Fabrice Calmels performance Schedule- Joffrey Ballet American Legends

  AMERICAN LEGENDS American Legends Production Sponsor – Elizabeth F. Cheney Foundation   WEDNESDAY 2/13 @7:30PM Son of Chamber Symphony (Victoria Jaiani) Nine Sinatra Songs  (April Daly) SATURDAY 2/16 @7:30PM Son of Chamber Symphony (Victoria Jaiani) Nine Sinatra Songs  (April Daly) SUNDAY 2/17@2:00PM Son of Chamber Symphony (Victoria Jaiani) Nine Sinatra Songs  (April Daly) THURSDAY... Read more »

It's Joffrey Nutcracker Season!

It’s that time again, the Nutcracker.  Back in Chicago we have been working on getting the production up and running once again, getting back the information that was missing from a never dismantled puzzle.  We find ourselves quickly back here again every year, and every year it is as much a celebration.  The Joffrey’s version... Read more »

A Joffrey Thank You to Detroit

Hey everyone.  I hope you all survived the storm and enjoyed it as much as I did, but I wanted to write about something else (and thought you all might enjoy thinking about something other than snow, snow, and more snow)….our great experience in Detroit last weekend.  It was a very quick trip, but we... Read more »

Upcoming Career Transition for Dancers Gala

As you can tell from my last blog, we just finished up our Fall Program and now will be incredibly busy working a new world premiere as well as Nutcracker…but true to form, there’s more…I also have something else exciting to focus on!  I invite you all to circle November 8th on your calendar for... Read more »

News on the Upcoming Joffrey Season

Well I’ve just started to rest and already the news is crawling around the web about our new season.  Today the Cleveland Orchestra announced our program for the Blossom Festival… My speculation was that we would be performing Age of Innocence since we will be performing this with live music at Ballet Across American in... Read more »

Why We LOVE Mr. Arpino and the Joffrey

Date Advice from MR A from fabrice calmels on Vimeo. This is exactly why we love Mr. Arpino and why we love the company he created.  He made ballet accessible to people, and here he is telling it like it is!  You don’t have to be rich and sophisticated to like ballet….you just need to... Read more »

The Joffrey Performing Tonight In West Palm Beach

So here we are…we made it safely to West Palm Beah, not without some trouble, but we’re here nevertheless.  I admit I am really excited to be here, for two reasons in particular.  The first reason is that I am excited to be dancing Mr. Arpino’s “Reflections”.  I keep him deep in my heart and... Read more »

Joffrey Ballet Ready for Florida

Hey everyone….I am so sorry you haven’t heard from me in a week, but my schedule has been a little crazy these last few days.  Anyway, we are getting ourselves ready for our tour to Florida coming up this weekend.  The program is very good and includes Gerald Arpino’s “Reflections”, Lar Lubovitch’s “Smile with My... Read more »

Joffrey's Ballet Marathon Heads to Florida

So we’ve finished another workday at the Joffrey, headed into our second (and final) weekend of performing Cinderella at the Auditorium Theater, and already preparing to head off on tour to Florida next week.  Yes, that’s right.  Florida, next week, with an entirely different program, one week after closing a full length ballet.  Well it’s... Read more »

Some Arpino Works on my Horizon

Well, Wednesday it was back to work, lol.  But I have to say, it was a great day.  We came back to work from our LA tour, with casting for our next show being posted our first day back.  I couldn’t be happier…rehearsing and performing Mr. Arpino’s “Reflections” and “Sea Shadow”.   I couldn’t be... Read more »