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The Merry Widow Wrap Up

Hey everyone…well thats it, with a little sigh, the Merry Widow in over.  Bye bye Merry Widow, we don’t need your money anymore, lol.  We put a lot of time into it with Robert Hynd (choreographer) to get the ballet up and running, and so quickly it’s over…but I would have to say it was... Read more »

Reviews from Joffrey's Opening Night

Chicago Sun Times, 10/14/2010 This is what I call the best possibility of a “feel good opening night”.  What I call feel good is when everything goes as wanted and without trouble.  But the truth is that even when that happens, we never know if the audience or critics are on the same boat as... Read more »

The Joffrey Ballet Reality Show???

Hahaha…now a reality show?? Really?  Apparently the Joffrey is in talks to take itself onto a new stage…that of reality television!  “First position” will give viewers a behind the scenes look at the world of the Joffrey trainees.  So I’m curious, what do you think?? According to the article in the Sun Times, ”it will... Read more »

The Joffrey Ballet's Othello Making Headlines

Well, I admit that from a personal standpoint the opening performance of Othello went incredibly well on Wednesday night, and now we have a wonderful review from Sid Smith at the Chicago Tribune.  I want to thank everyone that came to see the performance on Wednesday night, including all of the wonderful emails, messages, and... Read more »