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The End of the Joffrey Season

So here I am, walking on wabash….the season at Joffrey is finally over, but with a lot of tears and sorrow in our hearts.  Calvin Kitten and Suzanne Lopez finished their careers at the Joffrey today, each with nearly 20 years committed to this company.  Today they took their last stand on the stage at... Read more »

A Sad but Supportive Goodbye to Two of Joffrey's Greatest

Bye Calvin and Susan, we will miss you more than you know.  Sunday May 9th at 2pm will be the last performance for Calvin Kitten and Suzanne Lopez, two amazing, talented, and loyal dancers that gave their lives to the Joffrey.  I just found out that Suzanne has been dancing in the company for the... Read more »

Watching the Last Joffrey Nutcracker Performance for Calvin Kitten....(and of course, Merry Xmas)

Merry Christmas everyone!  Nutcracker is almost over and I have to admit that it was a fierce run.  I am anxious to finally have a break and to not have to wake up the next morning facing another filled day of performances.  When you start the run you have all the energy in the world,... Read more »