Taking the Nutcracker Back to CA

(Finally able to post ;))

I am now on the plane to California, the Monday following April and my last grand Pas (duet), and it feels a little bit like we have been doing the Nutcracker for two months now.  The traveling is making things seem a little longer than normal, not in a bad way though.  The run has been very fun so far, starting out in LA, home to Chicago, and now back guesting in CA.  But really it is and always is the kids that make our Nutcracker fresh every time.  For these children it is their yearly celebration.  They are looking forward to the social gathering with the other kids, the pleasure to be on stage with us, and finding that delight in the entire experience.  They in turn help us find the Nutcracker to be new every year.

I am flying out to California to perform the grand Pas as a guesting with Festival Ballet.  I was originally supposed to be performing with Carla Korbes from Pacific Northwest Ballet but sadly she injured her foot while dancing (sorry Carla if that is too much information!) so April Daly will be joining me and taking her place.  I have been with the Joffrey now for 11 years and have never missed a day of Joffrey Ballet’s Nutcracker.  It’s somewhat of a foreign sensation to me to be traveling to CA while shows are still happening in Chicago.  However, the great part of this journey is that April and I can represent the company somewhere else, and at a very crucial marketing time.  The Nutcracker is for sure America’s favorite ballet/holiday treat, and so every little opportunity to spread Joffrey’s name to another location becomes a great opportunity to show our version and to get people excited to have the Joffrey come to their city.

Happy holidays everyone!



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  • I know the feeling of how places seem far away, but I have gotten used to it and use the time to reflect. You are fortunate, also, I think, to be in such a lovely place as California. I always appreciate your sharing your dance adventures and hope you have a lovely season doing what you do so well.

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