Future Mayor Emanuel at the Joffrey Gala

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Some days I wonder when I will stop working so hard and when I will stop learning…..I know I will be so bored!  We are one day away from opening our final run at the Joffrey with a great spring program.  Last Friday was our annual gala, and while it turned out to be quite successful, it was not without stress for some of us.  Miguel’s legs were not getting better and he had to pull himself out of the performance last minute, so Dylan had to step in for him.  A day before the performance the studios were busy, running the pieces over and over to get the whole thing right.
The dress rehearsal went very well, and the show went even better.  The audience loved the performance.  Our future mayor was even in the audience and at the dinner….it was incredibly flattering to have him watch us perform, but we were blown away by his truly genuine nature.  Each of us stepped up to shake his hand, he congratulated us, and even asked technical questions about the performance, about me, and other dancers.  His knowledge on art is absolutely outstanding.  I cannot tell you how meaningful this is to me.  The man knows us, understands our work, and respects the necessity of art to our city.  It is why he is where he is today, with all of his success, simply because his diversity of knowledge makes him the ideal man to do the job, and certainly to help our wonderful city of Chicago.  I believe in the multifaceted nature of man, of the one that understands every form.  To me, he is the man of the future.  Maybe if you understand all sides, you are more ready to make a more rational decision that is the best for all of us.  
Yes, it was a phenomenal night at the Joffrey once again.  It is becoming more and more clear to me that our audience is growing.  More people are attending and more importantly, we are reaching our audience.  They admit to me they had no clue how incredible the form truly is, and how they are now hooked.  It is only a question of time until the world realizes that art is needed.

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