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The Joffrey's Merry Widow in Pictures

Hey everyone….this weekend is the final weekend of the Joffrey’s performance of The Merry Widow (my final performance is on Friday February 25th) so if you haven’t come to the show yet (or need a reason to come again!) I hope these pictures will entice you enough to come see the performance.  The show is... Read more »

Fabrice's Performance Schedule for The Merry Widow

Hey everyone….the Joffrey is working hard putting the finishing touches onto our production of Merry Widow, which opens next week at the Auditorium Theater.  I hope you all can come out to see us…you are our most loyal fans!  Below you’ll find information on the production (a premiere for the Joffrey) as well as my... Read more »

A Joffrey Thank You to Detroit

Hey everyone.  I hope you all survived the storm and enjoyed it as much as I did, but I wanted to write about something else (and thought you all might enjoy thinking about something other than snow, snow, and more snow)….our great experience in Detroit last weekend.  It was a very quick trip, but we... Read more »

Dance in this Blizzard? Hell Yes!

Dance in this Blizzard? Hell Yes!
Hey everyone! I know it has been a while and we are all trying to get around Chicago and survive this ridiculous weather, but then again this is what makes this city so great! There is always something happening and always something insane for us to experience.  I have to admit, what a recovery after... Read more »