Close Up View of Chicago's Auditorium Theatre

A night out to see the Joffrey perform is an ideal break from your daily work life and a wonderful way to spend time over the holidays.  There is something therapeutic about the entire experience, from witnessing the beauty on stage to the classic music hitting your ears as it is beautifully played out by the Chicago Sinfonietta Orchestra.  And yet, we often forget about the details of where we stand, surrounded by the majestic architecture of the Auditorium Theatre.  It is one of a kind, unlike any theater I have performed in, and am proud to call it my home theater for the Joffrey.  Even after all this time, it is in spectacular shape and is almost like standing a beautiful piece of artwork every time you enter.
A night out to the Joffrey is a night not only to come see ballet, but to have an entire experience.  Listen to the amazing sound, a live orchestra right at your feet, world class dancers before you in one of the world’s most beautiful spaces.  I must say, Chicagoans, we are spoiled :).
The Joffrey has one remaining performance of the Nutcracker on Sunday December 26th.  I cannot think of a better way to end the holiday weekend than spending it with the Joffrey at the Auditorium Theatre.  I will be dancing as the Nutcracker Prince and would love to see you there.  
Please enjoy these shots of the theater.  Just like dance, pictures often don’t do the real thing justice….
The Auditorium Theatre is the crowning achievement of famed architects Dankmar Adler and Louis Sullivan. It opened in 1889 and was immediately acclaimed as one of the most beautiful and functional theatres in the world. Its architectural integrity and perfect acoustics are internationally recognized.


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