Day 2 In New York

I woke up this morning to a beautiful day in New York. It’s not quite cold outside yet and above me was a great beautiful open sky.  I decided to take a ballet class at Steps this morning…the 10:30am class with Willy Burmann is the way to go.  Even though his class moved very fast because most of the people in this class are usually always there and already know the combinations, it was an amazing class.  There is a difference between giving a class and teaching a class…Willy knows how to teach.  I never felt like an outsider, and he corrected me with humor, fun, and a sharp eye for detail that only a master such as himself would catch.  Wendy Whelan was also there, full of energy and smiling.  All of it made for such an enjoyable class.  
It certainly was a wonderful morning in New York City….enjoy some of my pictures of this great city.

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