An Amazing Night at the CTFD Gala

Life is full of surprises.  The CFTD Gala in NY on Monday night was another night of wonderful experiences.  The entire evening was full of legends, big names, and wonderful dancers to watch and be around.  And on top of that, I got to see my old friend Daniil, still the funniest guy out there, and of course one of those legends with amazing talent.  I have my own things to figure out daily as a dancer, so it’s always amazing to me to see other dancers who have figured out the most amazing things, and have mastered their art so well.  If you could have seen Daniil go tonight, just spinning like it’s nothing.  As a dancer you know what it takes to make that happen….it’s just amazing to watch live.  
The best part of my evening though was having Desmond Richardson shake my hand, know my name, and know my work, almost like mutual fans.  He knew so much about me it was unreal.  And he speaks French?! What?!!  Desmond, I am your fan.  I have looked at you all my life and learned from you from afar, learning from your videos, studying you and every nuance you possess in so much of your work, especially when it came time for Othello.  This kind of night was the kind when you understand what this work is all about.  It made all the pain and injuries worth it, like all the difficult times are just souvenirs because the prize is so much bigger. 
I want to say thank you to the Joffrey School for coming and for bringing such wonderful support.  Thank you to Ashley for being such a kick ass artistic director.  Thank you to everyone that supports me every day.  You all rock and I love you.  But I really want to give huge huge thank you to Richard Kielar.  Saying thank you is not enough for this man because there truly are no words to describe him.  I am fortunate to meet such wonderful people…it’s like finding gold. I often don’t know where to start and how to say it, but know your kindness is not taken lightly on me.
So overall, I must say, it was such a great time in New York.  I can say from years of experience, art brings people together.  Much love and happiness…Fabrice
Hope you enjoy some of my photos from the Career Transitions for Dancers 25th Anniversary Silver Jubilee Gala, Monday November 8th in New York City….


With Desmond Richardson and Daniil Simkin

2010-11-08 19.07.36.jpg
2010-11-08 20.59.16.jpg
2010-11-08 23.23.01.jpg
2010-11-08 21.13.01.jpg


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  • Wow! Sounds like an incredible experience. It's always fun to meet our heroes/heroines.

  • Dear Fabrice, Your words are as eloquent as your dance! I loved hearing about this unique experience and, best of all, I loved seeing your happiness beaming out from all of the photos! Congrats! :-)

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