The End to a Great Joffrey Fall Program

The Joffrey finished it’s run of it’s fall program All Stars yesterday and I have to say, what an amazing feeling (but sad as well) to be done with a run you thought was so successful.  I realized we did quite well, which is of course, how it should be.  It’s weird in some ways because you are happy to be done, but because you felt it went so well, you kind of want to keep going and have more performances.  
Yes, it was the kind of program that was such a crowd pleaser.  And on top of the program itself, everything went the best that it could…no injuries, great audience responses, great reviews.  It’s like the eclipse of the century, lol!  Everything falling as it should at the right place at the right time.  And perfect timing for me as I am drafting this blog in the middle of the night because I can’t sleep…my body finally got sick, just hours after closing the show, lol.
At this point, usually the Joffrey would be on break, but this is not the case this year.  We have a heavy schedule ahead of ourselves to get ready for Nutcracker, but primarily the hard work starts when Ed Liang comes to Chicago this week to start working on his new master piece…a new world premiere for our Spring Program.  New work + the insanity of Nutcracker = no break.  The challenge is not over…the story continues!


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  • Oh, I'm sorry you are sick. You are such a pro and danced better than ever, if this is possible. Please drink juices and be better soon.

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