Reviews from Joffrey's Opening Night

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Chicago Sun Times, 10/14/2010

This is what I call the best possibility of a “feel good opening night”.  What I call feel good is when everything goes as wanted and without trouble.  But the truth is that even when that happens, we never know if the audience or critics are on the same boat as we are, lol!
I did feel great on our opening night on Wednesday night.  I felt the audience responding very well and I left the theater happy.  Today I was even happier and fulfilled by all the great reviews.  I want to thank you all for supporting the Joffrey…thank you to the Chicago Tribune, the Sun Times, Time Out Magazine, and Chicago Now bloggers that had wonderful things to say (see links to each review below).  But mostly thank you to all the fans that make me who and what I am.  Without you, my art is pointless.  I love dancing and enjoy every challenge of every part I am cast in, but I mostly do it for each of you because I believe in the power and the need for art.  I believe in the power art has to elevate us and believe that it is necessary….and I believe in the need for escaping from the chaotic world we live in.  Sometimes we need to slow down, reconnect, and remember to see the beauty and value in the simplicities in our lives.  What I want is to give you that emotional connection and visceral response we often ignore on a daily basis.  I’ve said it time and time again….it is medicine for your soul…and I guarantee it when you come to see the Joffrey.  Within this one show, you will find yourself teleported to another place entirely.
And to me, this is all you need to know about Supernova….

Victoria Jaiani and Fabrice Calmels, After the Rain

Time Out Magazine
Chicago Tribune
Chicago Sun Times


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  • Just saw the show and, yes, I was transported to another place. Your dancing is real, human and you communicate your feelings so well. Thank you for a lovely night.

  • gay

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    lol, really? Gay or not (as if it matters, regardless), this man is crazy-talented and has amazing strength.

    The show was amazing. Thank you for a wonderful performance!

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    My husband and I saw the show on Friday and once again we were amazed and enthralled. The Joffrey is so important to Chicago and the dancers are very talented - it's clear that each one gives it their all. Thank you to everyone who is a part of the Joffrey.

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    Are we really still having arguments over sexual orientation in a country that prides itself to be the most liberal and embracing of diversity in the world, and whose First and Fifth Amendments constitute the core of our liberties and the basis of our societal structure??

    It this sort of narrow-minded ignorant people that support the Don

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