Pictures and Video from The Blossom Festival, Joffrey Ballet and the Cleveland Orchestra

The Blossom Festival with the Cleveland Orchestra was another great experience and magical moment for us at the Joffrey, lol.  Regardless of the weather and the temperature, the Joffrey dancers gave everything they had for these unique performances…for nearly 8000 people!  I am turning 30 on the 18th and I have to say I am very much enjoying every moment I have on stage.  Hope you enjoy the video and these series of pictures from our tour to Ohio…. 🙂

Blossom Take 2 from MSmith on Vimeo.


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  • I was just thinking the other day that it's so nice to see dancers who are real people and not just lifeless figurines. Dancing should be personal and alive and dance students forget this sometimes in an effort to achieve perfection. One teacher really said it when she commented to me, you need to become more human.

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