The Perfect Joffrey Opening Night

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for their support on opening night last night…you are just incredible and made the night incredible for me.  I’m realizing just how much Chicago wants to see dance performances, wants to hear live music, and wants to support the arts.  The arts are growing right here in Chicago because of people like you, and soon enough, I hope, it will be a part of the everyday culture.
I am still so excited from the performance and am still living the incredible moments from last night.  We put 2 world premieres on stage on the same night, and for me, the highlight was dancing in Mr. Aprino’s Reflections.  Mr. A is the father of the Joffrey and I could feel his presence in every moment.  I had so much fun, and had such a funny moment…after my first a la second pirouette my shirt burst open, lol.  What a way to bring on the show lol!!  It must have been Mr. A’s funny way of making me feel alive and of making me dance bigger and better than ever.
I felt great during the solo that it only enabled me to enjoy the duet with Victoria even more.  It always works that way.  There is a fine line that you must find within yourself during a performance.  Some people love the stress because it gives them that little extra kick.  I personally like it the other way…walking on stage calm and confident, then if things go well, let go and take a little more risk, push the movement slowly to its extreme without any big changes so as not to surprise or worry my partner.
I felt great in the theatre last night.  The audience was incredible (and yes, you feel every ounce of that energy on stage) and I couldn’t have imagined a better opening to this program. Please come see Eclectica, and if you were there last night, come again!
And this is only day one!!


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  • I'm so excited for you that you are dancing and feeling strong. I continue to find your thoughts fascinating, too, and wish you every happiness in future endeavors. Great job, my friend.

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