The Joffrey and Washington we come!

Here we are, the day has come!!! My biggest wish will become a reality…..After the world premiere opening of Age of Innocence a few years ago (choreographed by Edwaard Liang, an ex New York City Ballet dancer, and an incredibly talented new choreographer; music by the reknowned Phillip Glass), I had only one wish to perform the work with live music.  Live music is such a force.  It is a heart beat the orchestra gives to you through their tempo and speed with which they play that night.  The Joffrey (always, and continuing with our current Artistic Director, Ashley Wheater) has made live music a priority, an important part to sustain the heart of the Joffrey Ballet.
Performing Edwaard Liang's world premiere Age of Innocence with Victoria Jaiani, 2008
There is a reason why you blast music in your car, singing like an idiot, making a fool of yourself to the driver beside you, lol.  Everyone loves to go to the club or a concert once in a while to feel…not hear…feel the beat deep inside your chest.  We all do it and we all enjoy it more than we realize.  Well, this is happening on 6/18 and 6/20 in Washington DC.  It is not going to hurt your ears like most clubs or concert, but you are going to experience something so unique.  The best of Phillip Glass (we will call it that because I say so :)) is being played live for the Joffrey Ballet.  Here are the names of the tracks, I guarantee you will agree that I am not wrong!!   
Name: the secret Agent
Artist: Cello Octet Conjunto Iberico & Elias Arizcuren 
Album: Glass Reflections 
Name: symphony No. 3 IV 
Artist: Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra & Marin Alsop
Album: Glass symphonies Nos. 2 & 3
I am inviting you to make a great deal with yourself and your loved one, or to just do something nice to do for yourself.  Come to this performance and come and support the Joffrey.  It will be a great show and you will not only experience this unique Joffrey show, but will see other great major dance companies as well.  Nothing against other companies, but it’s a great way for you to see what Joffrey is made of….we will make you very proud that we represent the ballet scene in Chicago.
I guess I want to invite all of you to this show because I think we all get so caught up in our work that we don’t take the time to do something for ourselves.  We just keep going on and on, thinking that there will be another time or another occasion.  So I invite you, take the time, have a break that will surely revive your brain and your soul (I am the same not taking a real vacation in years).  But dance is true medicine for your soul, AND WE NEED IT.  People often don’t take the time to feel their soul and here is the perfect opportunity….I swear it…and let me know if I am wrong 🙂

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