Is Fabrice's Facebook Fake? False!

I have been receiving a lot of emails lately concerned about the authenticity of my facebook page and fan page.  A lot of people are wondering if I am the one behind it or if I am hiding a mysterious hired man to respond to all of my messages.  Hahahaha.  Absolutely not! If there is something I will absolutely not do is be fake to my friends and fans.  I love my job, I love dancing, I love my Chicagoans, and all my fans.  So, no, I will never turn my online postings into something fake, something that isn’t directly from me.

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 I am a regular man just like the rest of the world.  I simply choose to live my life a certain way that includes love, passion, dedication, and respect.  The world is crazy enough that there’s no room for some crazy diva attitude lol.  And it’s just not me.  I’d rather create good around me the real way.
So…..a little insight about me!  I wake up every morning and stretch.  I actually hang upside down for 10 minutes to stretch my back lol.  I do a couple of exercises, then put on music and dance like a mad man lol.  I love all kinds of music, but specifically 80’s music.  The music of that decade was especially good!
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 To me, breakfast is the best meal of the day…so I love a nice breakfast, mostly its the nice cup of coffee that I love.  I don’t usually like to spend a lot of money but I bought myself a very great expresso machine a few years ago.  It has made me a very happy man for the last three years.
I like to be low key…I know I know I’m huge (6’6″) so I don’t really blend in….but I try to stay low key.  I like my converse, my gap jeans, and cool addidas sweaters lol.  (send gifts and giftcards to….hahahha.  just kiddin)
I go to Joffrey to take class at 10am everyday, but sometimes I like to skip it when there is opportunity to go to the autoshow, lol (I love you Ashley don’t be mad at me!).  I love the Joffrey and consider it my home, especially considering what Mr. A was to me.  I have been alone most of my life (I went to a boarding school starting at 8).  Mr. A took me in and took care of me like I was his own son.
I walk as much as possible and use the CTA a lot.  I am from France and we use a lot of public transportation there too.
I’m not a fan of going out and drinking the night away.  I think it’s a pathetic way of spending your money knowing all the problems with our economy and knowing so many people don’t even have a dollar to eat.  I’d rather be surrounded by 2 amazing friends rather than 30 people that do not even know my name.
If you are a “trouble maker”, don’t bother shaking my hand, but if you are willing to improve your life by becoming a better person or if you hope and work to improve your life and the world you are a part of, then you are a part of my world (and what I like to see) and I will “woot woot” for you all the way!


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  • You would have liked my father, Dragojlo. I miss him so much. Aside from a dance teacher I had, he was the only sincere person in my life. I try to be like him but it's hard, with all the trappings of the world. If you are like him, you have my loyalty forever.

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