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With how busy December gets while we’re performing Nutcracker, I lose track of my days for a minute.  Outside of Joffrey, I have been working hard on keeping 30secondsofdance up and running.  We have some great videos coming up and major surprises (one hint…Alonzo King’s Lines Ballet) coming up.  I can’t wait to share the new videos.  I know everyone is going to love them.
I am really excited to bring 30SOD to a new level.  The dancing speaks for itself, but I do my best to create a great set up and atmosphere for the dancers.  You can amplify the dancing just by being in the right location at the right time, adding great lighting, and giving the dancer(s) a unique space to do what they do.  Most of the time the editing process can really change the original work, so I try my best not to do much on that end.  I want to keep the elegance of the dancer and the dance at the forefront.
30secondsofdance is growing slowly, but surely.  I am absolutely confident about its success and its future.  I just hope we will get more support in the coming years so I can get out there and show everyone the art that needs to be seen.  
Lastly, I am bringing 30secondsofdance to youtube.  I am deleting a huge portion of material in order to make these 30 second segments, so I want to upload the work in its entirety.  I simply want to reach as many people as possible and think my chances of doing so are increased by using youtube and uploading the entire routine once it has been featured on 30SOD.  It will generate more traffic I guess…
And remember, follow us on twitter to find out our filming locations and schedule so you can attend one of our filmings!

From the upcoming BraveMonk video

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