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30 Seconds of Dance, week 4: Kathleen Thielhelm in Millennium Park from 30 Seconds of Dance on Vimeo.

For this particular blog, I wanted to introduce you to my website,  This site features 30 second clips of dancers from all genres of dance in high definition film.  I have a great deal of passion for my job on stage, but I have an equally fervent desire to expose all forms of dance to a larger audience, to showcase a dancer’s passion, and garner support for such a human art form.  This site simply seeks to promote the passion and beauty of dance in whatever form it may come, including ballet, hip hop, salsa, modern dance, tap, rhythm, capoiera, breaking, and popping and locking.

Dance is beautiful when it is stripped down, but it is truly far more than just movement in the body.  This site seeks to expose the expression of that movement, the passion of the performer, all the while paying attention to music and the setting.  The backdrop of Chicago has provided us with some exceptional clips, including this one above of former Joffrey dancer, Kathleen Thielhelm, in front of the Crown Fountain.  We have filmed in the snowy streets of Chicago in front of the Chicago Theater, on lower Michigan Ave, and at the Joffrey studios.  We have even traveled as far as San Francisco, LA, Detroit, and even Colombia and Paris to film in front of the Eiffel tower.  There is beauty in dance no matter where you are, and such settings can only enhance a viewer’s visceral emotion to dance.   This site is inclusive of all performers, from the professional to the unknown.  It is a chance for undiscovered talent to showcase their skill and be seen, appreciated, and embraced by the dance community.

I will be posting a great deal more about this site, with more clips and the behind the scenes process in the future.  For now, I simply invite you to check out the site and enjoy the perfect 30 second break to your day!

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