Emergency Fill-in Performance for WGN TV


Being a principal dancer at the Joffrey means that you must be able to jump into a role with a new partner at any time, respond to emergency situations, and do whatever is asked of you.  This morning I received a phone call that Miguel (the other dancer performing the role of Othello) hurt his back and would not be able to perform the duet with his partner, Victoria, at the Othello WGN news event this morning and I was asked to fill in for him.  It is my responsibility to be on call and ready for situations just like this one and step in without hesitation to perform with a ballerina I had never rehearsed with previously.  I had to be over at the WGN studios, in costume, and ready to perform within 30 minutes.  Yet after all was said and done, it was a great performance.
I have to admit that I really enjoyed the experience of performing with Victoria this morning.  It was a new challenge to immediately perform (not just work with, but actually perform) with a ballerina with whom I had not rehearsed this duet.  I am very comfortable in my partnership with April Daly (she performs the role of Desdemona with me), but this particular experience allowed me to involved myself even more into the part.  I had to pay incredibly close attention to Victoria.  She dances in a different manner, and in order for the performance to be a success (and to look as though we had been rehearsing this for quite some time) we really had to connect to one another in our partnership.  It was exciting to perform the same steps I have been rehearsing with April now for months, in a slightly new and different way with Victoria.
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  • It's nice to see partnering like this where one person doesn't stand out over the other but both dancers are equally important. Beautiful dancing.

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