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Supply and Demand of College Degrees: 101

Supply and demand for college education is out of whack, and it has been for the last few decades. We have heard that a college education is a must-have, so we inherently demand a college degree. We carry this ingrained spirit of demand and are fully convinced that a secondary degree is worthy of tens of... Read more »

Helping Our Future Students: Mandatory Graduate Surveys

Too many universities lack effective graduate surveys to determine the long term benefit of their programs, and to determine the true value of their current tuition rates. If every university surveyed each graduate within the last 5-15 years, perhaps we would get a better understanding of the current and accurate worth of a college degree.... Read more »

A Good Start

A good start to determining the value of a college program, before you spend $100,000 or more over the next 20 plus years in loan payments, is to do the following – these are my suggestions for seeking the true value of a college program: Contact Graduates :   Contact as many graduates as possible; especially... Read more »

Let’s Help Our Students Ask the Important Questions About College

There are  many important questions students should ask themselves before diving into a college program. The answers to those questions are incredibly valuable, but far too many prospective students enroll without the information they need. Students, young and older, enroll into programs without an idea of overall costs and without much direction – all for... Read more »