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Don't Forget The Corinthian Colleges – The Machine of Devastation

Last year one of America’s largest for-profit higher education institutions filed bankruptcy and closed its doors. The fall of Corinthian Colleges is a hallmark moment that we cannot forget; because if we do, then we may be suckered again by devious businesses that pose as universities. Though the Corinthian enterprise has fallen, thousands of Corinthian... Read more »

Accredited by Chewbacca

Accreditation is simply the process a college goes through to be recognized as a competent and credible school. Recognized by whom? Well, that’s debatable, but recognized primarily by the Department of Education. The Department of Education monitors and recognizes certain accrediting agencies, and these agencies in turn recognize colleges they believe are competent enough to... Read more »

Save the Student, If You’re Aware

There is this interesting phenomenon that people experience when they view a “Save the Children” commercial. The directors of those commercials have a goal in mind – to strike a heart chord in the viewer which plays the tune “This is sad. I must help them. I must give money.” The resulting effect is viewer capital... Read more »