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Assessing Student-Centerdness

The responsibility to be genuinely student-centered rests not just on the university, but also on the broader community. However, since the university has agreed to educate the student, it is especially important for the institution to define and fulfill the student-centered promise. As I’ve previously mentioned, there are an increasing number of predatory institutions that... Read more »

Supply and Demand of College Degrees: 101

Supply and demand for college education is out of whack, and it has been for the last few decades. We have heard that a college education is a must-have, so we inherently demand a college degree. We carry this ingrained spirit of demand and are fully convinced that a secondary degree is worthy of tens of... Read more »

Helping Our Future Students: Mandatory Graduate Surveys

Too many universities lack effective graduate surveys to determine the long term benefit of their programs, and to determine the true value of their current tuition rates. If every university surveyed each graduate within the last 5-15 years, perhaps we would get a better understanding of the current and accurate worth of a college degree.... Read more »

The Search for Value

If you were to purchase a $100 juicer, you would expect that juicer to perform to its value. You would have expectations for that juicer that far exceed the expectations of a $20 juicer. If you purchased a $50,000 juicer, you would expect that monster to juice entire apple groves. The higher the price, the... Read more »

Free College Education? Don’t Count On It

Denmark, Norway, Finland, and now Germany offer free college. Well, it’s relatively free. The general public splits the cost so college graduates are not left inundated with debt. In these countries, social values take priority. College education for all! But can this be a reality in the U.S.? In the current presidential campaign, Bernie Sanders... Read more »

Three College Costs

A Brookings study found that only 38% of incoming students are aware of what they’ll owe in federal loans after graduation. This shows that very few freshmen estimate the overall financial costs of their college programs, and even fewer develop an effective plan for paying off their loans. Not only are the financial costs very... Read more »