Free College Education? Don’t Count On It

Denmark, Norway, Finland, and now Germany offer free college. Well, it’s relatively free. The general public splits the cost so college graduates are not left inundated with debt. In these countries, social values take priority. College education for all! But can this be a reality in the U.S.? In the current presidential campaign, Bernie Sanders... Read more »

Three College Costs

A Brookings study found that only 38% of incoming students are aware of what they’ll owe in federal loans after graduation. This shows that very few freshmen estimate the overall financial costs of their college programs, and even fewer develop an effective plan for paying off their loans. Not only are the financial costs very... Read more »

Save the Student, If You’re Aware

There is this interesting phenomenon that people experience when they view a “Save the Children” commercial. The directors of those commercials have a goal in mind – to strike a heart chord in the viewer which plays the tune “This is sad. I must help them. I must give money.” The resulting effect is viewer capital... Read more »

Let’s Help Our Students Ask the Important Questions About College

There are  many important questions students should ask themselves before diving into a college program. The answers to those questions are incredibly valuable, but far too many prospective students enroll without the information they need. Students, young and older, enroll into programs without an idea of overall costs and without much direction – all for... Read more »