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True Momentum

Every university has a mission. You may see a university’s mission statement on a highway billboard, in a magazine, or on television; but that’s the type mission statement you want to be leery of. The true mission of the university can be seen in the way it serves the public good and in how it disperses its... Read more »

Don't Forget The Corinthian Colleges – The Machine of Devastation

Last year one of America’s largest for-profit higher education institutions filed bankruptcy and closed its doors. The fall of Corinthian Colleges is a hallmark moment that we cannot forget; because if we do, then we may be suckered again by devious businesses that pose as universities. Though the Corinthian enterprise has fallen, thousands of Corinthian... Read more »

Financial Aid: The Wrong Band-Aid

Financial Aid can seem like a life saver if you don’t have the money to pay for your college expenses. But far too often it acts like a small Band-Aid on a massive, bleeding wound. It may help in the short-term, with the hope that the wound will heal itself; but eventually the Band-Aid becomes... Read more »

Accredited by Chewbacca

Accreditation is simply the process a college goes through to be recognized as a competent and credible school. Recognized by whom? Well, that’s debatable, but recognized primarily by the Department of Education. The Department of Education monitors and recognizes certain accrediting agencies, and these agencies in turn recognize colleges they believe are competent enough to... Read more »

University of Phoenix - Spam and Warnings

I once received spam email from the University of Phoenix, a college that is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. I noticed at the very bottom of the email some very small print. Squinting to read it, I read that HLC has placed University of Phoenix on warning – apparently the university did not meet some... Read more »

Chicago State University - Crisis Looming

When I tell my Black friends that I watched the show “227” as a kid, they laugh. Why would a White kid who grew up in the burbs watch 227? It’s a good question. What I remember is that I was entertained, and I liked how the series was based in 1950’s Chicago. The characters... Read more »

A Good Start

A good start to determining the value of a college program, before you spend $100,000 or more over the next 20 plus years in loan payments, is to do the following – these are my suggestions for seeking the true value of a college program: Contact Graduates :   Contact as many graduates as possible; especially... Read more »

The Search for Value

If you were to purchase a $100 juicer, you would expect that juicer to perform to its value. You would have expectations for that juicer that far exceed the expectations of a $20 juicer. If you purchased a $50,000 juicer, you would expect that monster to juice entire apple groves. The higher the price, the... Read more »

Custodian Lady vs. College Graduates

What can be more important than a college education for professional growth?  Answers:  Working just about any job,  apprenticeships,  networking in your community, volunteering, traveling abroad, learning a trade, starting a small business, developing your hobby, teaching yourself a language…just to name a few things that come to mind.  College can be a very powerful tool for professional... Read more »

The Learning Styles Myth

You may have taken a Learning Style questionnaire at one point. You know – those tests that determine if you’re a visual, physical, aural, verbal, logical, or social learner? Maybe you haven’t taken one of these assessments, but many people take them in hopes of pinpointing their style of learning. These tests are embraced because... Read more »