Assessing Student-Centerdness

The responsibility to be genuinely student-centered rests not just on the university, but also on the broader community. However, since the university has agreed to educate the student, it is especially important for the institution to define and fulfill the student-centered promise. As I’ve previously mentioned, there are an increasing number of predatory institutions that... Read more »

Transfer Credits: No Pokeman

Transfer credit isn’t nearly as popular and fun to play with as Pokemon, but many colleges will advertise that they are. Some colleges (especially for-profits) will advertise they are more than willing to accept transfer credit from any previously attended colleges, without question. At first thought this seems like a great deal. But is it?... Read more »

Supply and Demand of College Degrees: 101

Supply and demand for college education is out of whack, and it has been for the last few decades. We have heard that a college education is a must-have, so we inherently demand a college degree. We carry this ingrained spirit of demand and are fully convinced that a secondary degree is worthy of tens of... Read more »

For-Profit Universities: When They Work and When They Don’t

If you are considering enrollment at a for-profit college, you’ll have to proceed with caution. For-profit colleges are not the best option for many students, but they do work for a select few. A “for-profit college” is one that is usually parented by a large corporation – one that is greatly concerned about increasing revenue to keep... Read more »

Financial Aid Basics: Know Your Stuff

It can seem complex, but as long as you or your loved ones understand the basics of Financial Aid you’ll be able to ask the right questions; and asking the right questions is paramount to staying away from mega amounts of debt. So, these are some basic terms used in the financial aid process, and... Read more »

Warning: The “Student-Centered” Promise

The term “student-centered” is being used to advertise some college programs like a damaged tire sold on eBay. The shady seller knows you need a tire, but he doesn’t want you questioning the actual condition of the faulty tire he’s selling. He simply wants you to purchase the tire without questioning its true condition. The... Read more »

Forgoing the Pursuit of A’s

One of the primary stressors effecting college students is the popular idea that a successful student is one who earns A’s. Freshman through Senior year, many college students forgo sleep, food, oxygen (yes, stress causes you to breath in less oxygen), and sanity in pursuit of the golden A. Even when faced with a draconian... Read more »

Helping Our Future Students: Mandatory Graduate Surveys

Too many universities lack effective graduate surveys to determine the long term benefit of their programs, and to determine the true value of their current tuition rates. If every university surveyed each graduate within the last 5-15 years, perhaps we would get a better understanding of the current and accurate worth of a college degree.... Read more »

Instructors Who Love Learning…and Students

Instructing a course takes organization, preparedness, and in-depth knowledge of the subject. Instructing a course effectively takes a love of learning and people. Most instructors have a love of learning, but how many professors have a genuine love for people? Let’s be real, loving people – any people – is a difficult, nearly impossible endeavor. It takes the... Read more »

The Library Card: A More Accurate Symbol of Intelligence?

The library card is becoming an antiquated symbol of intelligence. Not everyone has fallen prey to the rumor that a library card is for those who cannot afford ordering a book from Amazon, or unable to download the e-version. Not everyone has forgotten the refreshing feel of grabbing a used book off a community shelf... Read more »