Christmas Gift Ideas!

Christmas Gift Ideas 2017

By: Kaylin Hearon

It’s around that time of the year where you might be stuck deciding what to get a friend or family member. Here are some items that you should consider getting.


1. Polaroid Camera

Today’s generation loves social media and taking pictures so this would be a perfect gift for someone who enjoys photography. You could do fun creative DIYs with them and decorate your room with them.


2. Gift Card

If you know their favorite places to go or what they like to do, a gift card would most likely come in handy for that person. They could buy whatever they choose with it and it makes your job easier. The gift card could be for a restaurant, store, or app.


3. Laptop

A laptop would be a great gift for someone who’s in high school or college. It would be very useful for things like school work or just any kind of work. It’s also perfect for on the go because you can work anywhere with it like at a library or a cafe.                                                               maxresdefault

3. Makeup

A lot of people are into doing their makeup and it’s a big trend so any makeup item would make a thoughtful gift for those who wear it.


4. Headphones or Speaker

Everyone listens to music so either one of these would be a great gift to music lovers. Speakers would be useful for parties and etc. Headphones would be useful for when your in public and want to listen to music without disturbing anyone.



5. New Phone

Everybody loves upgrades and phones are really prevalent in today’s generation so a new phone would be an awesome gift. Teenagers especially love to stay up to date with the newest technology.



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