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HELLO, ChicagoNow, Its time for Bears convo. Well, we all know that the season is all but over; if not then I hate to be the bearer of bad news. So what do we have to look for now… Well, you guessed it; The NFL draft! One of the most exciting time of the year for players and franchises alike.

Now because of how “Well” we fared this season, we will most likely end up as one of the early teams to pick *pause for confused clapping*. Right now we’re projected to pick number 6 overall in the first round behind the Denver Broncos and in front of the New York Jets; the picks we have in the later rounds will vary depending on the finishing records of the respective teams. So you may ask yourself or me, ” What will we do in the draft” That is where I come in.

I have identified three positions the organizations should improve on to bolster their roster we can avoid another losing season. The positions are Wide Receivers, Offensive Tackle, and Corner-back. Some positions may be clearer than others *Cough* Receivers *Cough, Cough*, but some need more elaboration.

Let us start off with the most obvious need, “Wide Receivers”. This goes without saying, “The Bears have crappy Receivers!!” when the closest WR1 that you have is a washed up Former Tennessee Titan or an Outcast from the L.A Chargers you know you have a problem. This is one of the positions I wouldn’t mind if the Bears had to double dip and grab two receivers from the Draft. You’re going to… No! you have to surround Micthell Trubisky with NFL Wide Receivers if you want to see him take his game to the next level. Now I’m not assuming who is going to declare for the Draft *Cough* “Calvin” or who the Bears should draft “Ridley”, but they need someone to come in and help Trubisky grow *Cough*, “Calvin Ridley” *Cough, Cough*. Sorry, my throat hurts a little today.

Whats next, Whats next, oh right Offensive Tackle. Now this position can be the second highest or the third highest depending on how the Bears wanna go in the draft. Now Bobby Massie has proven to be the weak link on the Offensive line, so looking for an upgrade in the draft would be ideal. This year draft has plenty of depth as compared to last year’s draft when it comes to offensive tackle so the Bears should strike while they can.

Now the third. Corner-Back! This position has yet to be a strong strength of the defense since my guy Charles Tillman *pause for 15 seconds of respect for the man* (He’s not dead just awesome) has been on the field. Now the Bears do not have a third-round pick because of the trade for Mitchel Trubisky, so the Bears would either have to pick up one with the second or fourth round and later picks to upgrade the position.

Do you have an idea of the who the Bears will Draft!? Let me know down in the comments down below.


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