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Want To Stop Global Warming? Become A Vegetarian.

People become vegetarians for a variety of reasons. Perhaps it’s personal, religious or even political. But, whatever the reason, know this: one of the easiest ways to make a dramatic impact in this world is to start with what you eat. Don’t believe me? Read on. Mercy For Animals, an amazing nonprofit organization that brings... Read more »

From Animals to Plants: The Tale of a Recovering Meat Addict

8:11a.m. Sunday. Driving to the Bongo Room to meet a friend for breakfast, I pondered what I might eat. Recently having decided to return to my vegan ways, I realize the limitations I am putting on myself in the great food mecca of Chi-town. Should I break my newfound vow and eat eggs? Should I... Read more »

Eating Animals: Which to Eat? Which to Pet? Why?

It’s no secret that it’s still hard for me to eat animals. A vegetarian for most of my life, I’ve only brought myself to eat chicken, turkey and fish on occasion. Because I buy the meat at Whole Foods and because it’s organic, I assume some of the guilt will be assuaged because what I... Read more »