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Power Lunch: Get All Your Fruits and Veggies in One Salad!

If you’re like most people, getting enough fruits and especially veggies can feel almost impossible. Though it’s best to get fresh produce with each meal, if you’re short on nutrients or time, you can fit them all into one salad to have for lunch or dinner. If you don’t like any of these veggies or... Read more »

Eating Animals: Which to Eat? Which to Pet? Why?

It’s no secret that it’s still hard for me to eat animals. A vegetarian for most of my life, I’ve only brought myself to eat chicken, turkey and fish on occasion. Because I buy the meat at Whole Foods and because it’s organic, I assume some of the guilt will be assuaged because what I... Read more »

Thanksgiving Leftovers: 3 Healthy Ideas!

You’ve eaten the turkey. You’ve gorged on the casseroles. You’ve been in your food coma. You say to yourself, “I never want to eat again.” But, a few days later, your appetite returns to normal, and you might look at your refrigerator still stuffed with leftovers and think, “What can I do with these?” Try... Read more »

Homemade Chai Tea!

On a crisp, cold day like today, a giant mug of Chai tea is just the thing to warm you up. If you order Chai tea out, you are going to get a ton of sugar and calories, when you can get the same flavorful taste right at home. Because of all the fresh spices,... Read more »

Healthy Chili Cheese Fries!

I was talking to a client the other day when she mentioned she loved chili cheese fries. Immediately, I was taken back to my days as a child, when I would gorge myself on a huge batch of french fries, dripping with greasy chili and cheese. I have not had anything like that since, burying... Read more »

Your Healthy Thanksgiving Meal: Eat This, Not That!

Every year, millions of people sit back after hours of meal preparation and moan audibly, their bellies distended, eyes glassy from too much heavy food. Fatigue sets in, and a nap is the only thing on the afternoon agenda. If this is the way your Thanksgiving usually goes, it might be time for a change.... Read more »

5 Fresh Foods to Eat Today!

In a world of infinite food choices, it’s hard to get adequate servings of vegetables and fruits. While there are the latest slew of veggie and fruit juice drinks, it’s better to get whole foods (or at least juice them yourself to avoid excess sugar). An easy trick to getting enough fruits and veggies is... Read more »

5 Minute Lunch: Healthy Hummus Wrap!

For many people, lunch is a time to eat out because they don’t have time to make something and bring it to work. That, or they want to get out of the office for a few minutes. You can still make a quick lunch and get out of the office (or even use your lunch... Read more »

Top 5 "Healthy-ish" Halloween Candy!

The words “candy” and “healthy” don’t go together. There’s no such thing as a healthy candy, but there are better options than others when it comes to Halloween candy. While children will cram their faces with all kinds of manmade sweets tonight, hitting the ecstasy of a sugar high only to come crashing down, hard... Read more »

What's For Dessert: Healthy Pumpkin Pie!

I adore pumpkin pie… Every year, I await the drop in temperature so I can glimpse those perfect little pies lined up in the market. However, nothing says the holidays better than a healthier version with homemade walnut pie crust and a dose of tofu in the filling. The next time you’re in the mood... Read more »