Chicago’s Behind The Scene TV Production Showcased in New Documentary 'The Production Crew'

Chicago’s Behind The Scene TV Production Showcased in New Documentary 'The Production Crew'

the-production-crew-logo-center-hope-051017-smallerDVIDEO 79 Productions is in post-production for their much anticipated film documentary The Production Crew.  Produced and directed by Emmy Award Winning Editor Don Howze, The Production Crew is a behind-the-scenes perspective of four television crew members producing local and network television programs in Chicago: Kevin Gist (Steve Harvey), Hope Halliburton (ABC-7 News), Ray Blaney (WGN News) and Mike Clay (The Stellar Awards).

The 45 minute documentary will premiere this Fall 2021 and showcase each crew member doing their profession, as they produce live and live-to-tape news and entertainment programs.


Howze says when he worked as a videographer for television news stations, he enjoyed his career as an electronic journalist and always wanted to share that side of the business.  “What we see on television are the polished on-camera talent, and they look great and perform well with the script and teleprompter,” explains Howze, “but it doesn’t always reflect some of the hard work that’s involved in making a successful broadcast.”
In producing a newscast everyday, the electronic news gathering (ENG) process includes a work load that requires camera operators, editors and reporters to work fast.  Howze says that they have to be creative as well as effective in providing reliable journalism and broadcast quality video.  But in the midst of performing under time constraints, Howze admits that most production crew members feel as though ‘it’s good stress’ and fun to do everyday.

the-production-crew-logo-center-ray-051017-copy-smaller “The professionals behind the scenes; lighting techs, cam operators, audio, and engineers, they’re a cool network of men and women who really love to get their hands dirty,” expresses Howze.  “The Production Crew documentary shows how fun it is to enjoy those work days and at the same time, be professional while doing your craft.”

The Production Crew will premiere this Fall 2021 at national film festivals, public screenings in Chicago, and media streaming platforms.  It is funded in part by a grant from The Field Foundation of Illinois.

About the Author:  Don Howze is an Emmy Award Winning Film/Tape Editor and Associate Professor of Journalism and Television Production.  Don is the producer and director of the upcoming film documentary The Production Crew, funded in part by The Field Foundation of Illinois.

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