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Jay Mohr talks Chris Farley, "incredibly overrated" first SNL cast and more

Jay Mohr talks Chris Farley, "incredibly overrated" first SNL cast and more
“Mohr Stories” is a fitting name for actor and comedian Jay Mohr’s podcast. The SNL alum has a knack for telling stories, which makes tales of doing live sketches with Chris Farley and auditioning opposite a fired up Tom Cruise all the more compelling. I caught up with Mohr recently to talk SNL, Jerry Maguire,... Read more »

Exclusive interview with comedian Scott Long

If you’re a football fan, you’ve probably seen Fox NFL Sunday’s pregame show, and you’ve most likely seen the Frank’s Picks segment where comedian Frank Caliendo has impersonated people from John Madden to President George W. Bush.  If you’ve been left in hysterics watching these sketches, you should be aware of all the talent that... Read more »

Just for Laughs exclusive - Dave Attell Interview

http://newcitystage.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/11/dave-attell-300×291.jpg There are very few people who have made me love Comedy and inspired me to be a comedian as much as Dave Attell.  I remember Watching Tough Crowd and Insomniac as a teenager and being awestruck by how raw and constantly hilarious the man is.   It’s been several years since those shows were on,... Read more »