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C2E2 Photos 2014's best costumes

As always, many fantastic and unique costumes made for a plethora of quality C2E2 photos so far this year. Many made it in the above photo gallery, but here are some of my favorites that stood out in my mind: Sharknado – A simple, but quality take on the modern day Casablanca. Spawn – Big and... Read more »

C2E2 Costumes - Day 3 Photos

The C2E2 costumes from Day 3 ranged from sexy to gruesome and everywhere in between. Honorable mentions for Sunday’s C2E2 costumes are: Woman with King Kong Hand Grabbing Her and the little girl zombie from the opening scene of The Walking Dead series premiere. Very impressive C2E2 costumes overall for Day 3 and the entire... Read more »

C2E2 Costumes: Day 2 Photos

Pyro, Juggernaut, and Cable! Well done, boys.
The C2E2 costumes only got better on day 2 Saturday at McCormick place. My favorite C2E2 costumes from Saturday, and possibly from the whole expo so far would be the self-made Pyro, Juggernaut, and Cable ones (see gallery below). Other C2E2 costumes that caught my eye and deserve honorable mentions would be the characters from... Read more »

C2E2 Photos: Day 1

As you sort through the gallery of C2E2 photos, you’ll notice a wide variety of superheros. Let us know your favorite ones! My favorite C2E2 photos from Friday would have to be the father & son Spider-Man, the sweet Iron Man costume, and Diamond Dallas Page doing the splits. To subscribe to “Class Act Entertainment”... Read more »