C2E2 Photos 2014's best costumes

As always, many fantastic and unique costumes made for a plethora of quality C2E2 photos so far this year. Many made it in the above photo gallery, but here are some of my favorites that stood out in my mind:

Sharknado – A simple, but quality take on the modern day Casablanca.

Spawn – Big and badass. The wings were spectacular.

Sentinel – Pretty true to the comics, and I can’t wait for X-Men: Days of Future Past!!!

The X-Men – Great Professor X and kickass Cerebro!

The Avengers – Pretty dead on resemblance to the films, Iron Man especially, looked great as an ensemble.

Be sure to check out the gallery, many more costumes were worth stopping to check out.

Scott King is a contributing writer for the Wall Street Journal and RedEye Chicago. @ScottKingMedia on Twitter. 

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