A Light in the Darkness in Evanston

A Light in the Darkness in Evanston

I have had a passion for lighthouses since I was a little girl and watched the Disney movie “Pete’s Dragon.”

Since the very first time I saw that movie, not only did I want to live in a light house, but I also wanted my own Dragon!  Well, no one bothered to mention to me that it would be very difficult to train a dragon and that a lighthouse might not be the perfect home for both the dragon and myself, but it sparked a love for the beacons of the night that has never went away.

Just a few days ago, I was able to visit the Evanston Lighthouse named Grosse Point Light.  It is a beautiful structure that towers in the sky.  It was built after the tragedy of the Lady Elgin shipwreck.  You see, our fair city has the perfect inland maritime advantage for getting cargo from the East and being able to ship it down the Mississippi River to the all the midwestern towns to the south.  This helped Chicago immensely, but it was not without tragedy.   So the beautiful Grosse Point Light was built to help insure that a tragedy such as that did not happen again.

There is a beautiful wild life garden in the back and it is on a beautiful piece of land so close to Northwestern University that I could hear the marching band practicing as I walked the grounds.


I hope that you enjoy the short video that I made of my visit.  And I hope that you find the time to visit that beautiful landmark before it closes for the winter at the end of September.  The Grosse Point Light is open for tours on the weekends, but they only allow small groups, so make your plans early!  Such a beautiful place in our own backyard!

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