The Things you learn on a Chicago Expressway

vanFor the record, I am a curious person by nature.  I actually like this attribute to my personality, although on more than one occasion it has gotten me into some trouble.

Well, over the weekend, I decided that before I went to work, I needed to go visit one of my favorite City Vegan restaurants.  I got on the Kennedy, and headed downtown.  The weather was warm, my windows were down and I was enjoying a wonderful drive downtown.  As most Chicagoans know, this is not a normal thing…to be enjoying a drive down a Chicago Exressway.  But there I was, on a Sunday afternoon enjoying my drive.

I spotted something curious up ahead.  It was a regular family mini van, but it had some sort of drawing all over it.  I inched my way closer, and even changed lanes to try to see what this writing was all over a family van.  I squinted my eyes, took off my sunglasses and maneuvered to get closer to see what this was.

I finally was able to get close enough to see a drawing of a ship being tossed around on a stormy sea.   And there were words…I had to dodge a Silverado to get closer to read them.  I squinted my eyes in the sun, and looked really close, trying to make out what they words were.  Finally they came into focus, and it made a little more sense to the pictures that were on the side of the van.  “Ancient Mariner”

I snapped a picture really fast, because my curiosity had increased even more.  What did “Ancient Mariner” mean?  I hadn’t heard of it before, but with the way that every window on this van was decked out, I knew that it must be something.  So, I stopped off at a Starbucks, pulled in to use their wifi and Googled it.  I had to find out what it meant.  Was it a band?  Was it an art display?  What was it?  I had to know…


I would have never guessed what it finally turned out to be.  It was a poem!  The Rime of the Ancient Mariner.

And as I turned from Google to YouTube, sitting in that Starbucks parking lot, I realized that it’s true, you do learn something new everyday.

But how many times do you learn something like that on a Chicago Expressway?

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