Chicago is for Foodies!

Chicago is for Foodies!


Chicago is the place for food, that is for sure!

And I really miss this City AND the food when I am away!  For the past year,  I have been a Travelling Medical Provider, specifically for sleep studies.  That’s what I do, it’s what I love to do and it happens to be something that I am really good at.  Even though currently, I am going to school for Web Design, I will always be a Registered Polysomnographer.  It’s my passion to not only save someone’s life, but to increase the quality of that life, so it is the perfect job for me.

There is always the lure in the Medical Community to work as a “Traveler”…going into Hospitals that are in desperate need of your skills and credential.  The positive points are that you can see new places, and make a lot of money.  Bonus, right?  They pay for all your expenses such as housing, meals and transportation.  And that’s on TOP of your regular salary!  I was also able to take my pets with me, so it was a great idea all the way around!  I signed up and told them to send me on my way!

My first position was in Galesburg, Illinois, and since I worked Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, I was able to come home for the weekends.  I really didn’t miss Chicago that much, because I was working 3 days a week and home for 4.  Then my next assignment was out in California…it was fun, but California is definitely not like how I remembered it to be.  They don’t have Buffets like we do here, and any that we went to were overpriced and not enough options to choose from.  I will say that there Mexican food was unbelievable delicious!  So I ate that as much as I could!

Two months later I had an assignment in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  It was interesting.  My first stop at Starbucks was to order my usual, and when I asked for Coconut Milk instead of regular milk, I was told that it would be 60 cents more.  I said “Are you serious?”  She said “Yes” and I said I have never heard of that before.  She said that all Starbucks do it.  I have been to Starbucks from every corner of this United States, and no one has ever said that to me…so I ordered something different, just because I was irritated, and called it a day.  I did find a delicious place that made Tofu Kung Pao, and have since learned to make this dish myself (I will share my recipe with you one of these days!) and that was that.  It was difficult finding places that could make food like I requested, so I started cooking a lot of food at my hotel, because it had a kitchen in it.

After 3 months I was in Florida, and I got to find a delicious Vegan place there, I was still eating a lot of my meals at their local grocery store deli (Publix…go to the deli and get a sub… you will never want Subway again!) and I just missed being able to get on my phone with Grub Hub and order something yummy while I was at work, my hotel, or school… UGH!  I MISSED CHICAGO!

So, to say that I came back to Chicago for the food would be misleading… I actually came back for my family, my friends, and to go to school for Web Developing.  I am taking the course with my best friend, Kelly, and she has even come to learn the wonders of Grub Hub, downtown restaurants and the amazing offerings that are all within one city block.

Chicago is for Foodies!  And I have missed it so much!  I definitely think that I will stay… for the food… of course! 🙂

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