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AMERICANS (country rag beat) By Ron Cohn 3/29/16   People say they don’t understand American sickness People say they don’t understand the political lies Well what are you gonna all do When decisions come down to you Are you gonna lay down or finally going to rise?   Well there’s killin’ every day Over here... Read more »

Cards Against Humanity Should Really Do Right and Get Their Games Made in America!

Cards Against Humanity. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, a Chicago game company, Cards Against Humanity, is being reported to have bought out their Chinese producer for a week so that all the employees of the company can get a week paid vacation, something that Chinese companies don’t usually think of. Over the... Read more »

32 Things That Are Guaranteed to Happen

This is the kind of stuff that is so annoying because it always happens. It’s a good thing they aren’t horrible: The guy in front of you is always going where you’re going. When you are chopping vegetables the one that flies never goes forward, it always goes backward, onto the floor. The tallest guy... Read more »

Cruz and Christie are Contemptible Scumbags. There, I Said It.

We’re gonna have Blogapalloza tonight, so I’m going to keep this post rather short, kind of like the mentality of the two “gentlemen” I’m writing about. Yes, you Ted Cruz and Chris Christie. You two who are part of the clown show running for the Republican nomination. You two with the audacity, no that’s too... Read more »

On Being A Celebrity's Best Friend

On ChicagoNow, where I’ve been blogging for a little over a month, we’re given a topic once a month and all 400 or so bloggers are invited to write on the topic. The exercise is to write no matter what, because sometimes it’s just hard to get yourself to write. Real writers probably call this... Read more »

Two Old Friends, the Dean of Medicine, and a Nobel Prize Winner

I admit it, I look up people on the Internet. Is that wrong? People I knew a long time ago, people I’ve known more recently, people who want information for business. Kind of my own personal background check. Yes, just about everything one has put out there in the public domain is accessible to anyone... Read more »

Here's Why The Streaky Cubs are Still Going to Kick the Mets' Ass

I really feel like I need to move onto other subjects, because there are other bloggers who write specifically about baseball, but I can’t help myself once more. It was mind boggling last night how Twitter blew up with people freaking out over the Cubs admittedly dismal performance in New York. But, I’m here to... Read more »

5 Things to Learn From the Cubs

With the Cubs on the verge of going to the World Series (yes, this is a positive post), here are five things we can learn from their ascendancy: “Don’t ever permit the pressure to exceed the pleasure.” This is one of Manager Joe Maddon’s great quotes. If this isn’t a positive affirmation I don’t know... Read more »

Oregon Shooting: Another Good Time To Pressure the NRA

I had another idea for a post today, but another campus shooting just happened in which they are still trying to get details. So, I’m going to opine on this while people still give a damn (insert snicker here). And, some of you aren’t going to like it. For one thing, sometimes it’s pretty easy... Read more »

On the Lookout for a Missing Person

There was this kid, Jeff, who lived down the street from me. He was my best friend for a little while. I must have been seven, maybe eight years old. Usually, I remember how old I was when a certain memory pops into my brain. Now, I just remember his name, his likeness, and that... Read more »