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The Losing In Winning at All Costs

I keep wondering why people I typically consider reasonably intelligent, if not gifted, and reasonably sensible continue to act as if they are in a dark corridor with no lights when it comes to the current President of the United States. I now understand. It’s the art of the deal. I owned and operated a... Read more »

We May Be Blaming the Wrong Guy

We’re all stuck in a maze and none of us have any idea which door gets us out. But, two things are certain. The guy who might have kept us out of this jungle didn’t. The other guy likes it just where we are. It’s worth remembering that all of us knew nearly a year... Read more »

Oh, Please Let Trump Shut Down the Government!

Donald Trump is threatening to force the government to shut down if he doesn’t get the funding to build his godforsaken wall. Great. Let him. It’s the best thing that could happen. Look, this guy is a bully. You know it. I know it. He’s not overturning Obama-era policies because he believes in anything in... Read more »

Bernie Sanders, I Don't Trust You

As much as I love and respect Sarah Silverman, and thought her video in support of Bernie Sanders was tremendous, I have an issue with Bernie. He’s yet to show anything in support of other Democratic candidates. And, he and his campaign chairman spend as much time trying to tear Hillary Clinton down as they... Read more »

Stop Buying What Drumpf is Selling

Lots of thoughts recently, and life flows quickly past. There is always some great idea for a post, some jewel that I want to share. Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to post something from the shower. Might ruin an iPad. But, speaking of which, I get the whole thing about the criticism of Apple not trying... Read more »

Amusement (I hope) for a 3 Day Weekend

Some thoughts for a three-day weekend: Baby, it’s cold outside. I did my confirmation presentation on Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream” speech. His life mattered. Black lives matter. All lives matter. Hillary is the only one that hits me as being Chief Executive material. I don’t want Ted Cruz anywhere near a bomb. I... Read more »

Voters for Trump

As I look forward to an early fall weekend in Chicago that is going to feel like exactly that, I’m pondering this entire Donald Trump situation. It’s weird, because previously the only time I really needed to give any consideration to the name “Trump,” is when I’ve crossed Wabash anywhere within two-three miles south of... Read more »