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Amusement (I hope) for a 3 Day Weekend

Some thoughts for a three-day weekend: Baby, it’s cold outside. I did my confirmation presentation on Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream” speech. His life mattered. Black lives matter. All lives matter. Hillary is the only one that hits me as being Chief Executive material. I don’t want Ted Cruz anywhere near a bomb. I... Read more »

Your Right to Pray, and the Right of Someone to Say You're Wasting Your Time

There’s always a controversy, isn’t there? And the divide over politics in America is so great one really has to challenge oneself to pay attention. There used to be no excuse for not voting, not taking part in the political process. But, now there’s a great excuse. It just makes you sick. So, this week... Read more »

They Killed Gun Control Again and Won't Even Stop the Guy They Won't Let Fly From Buying a Gun!

I’m tempted to write Gun Control legislation is a joke. Except it’s not. I’ve written about this before, so have many other bloggers on ChicagoNow, including Stable Mable (link:, who wrote about it yesterday even though the topic is way off her usual discourse. So have writers throughout the blogosphere, professional editorial writers, and anyone else... Read more »