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Finding the Right Home in Chicago

While we enjoyed living in a downtown condominium, we’ve found living in a single family home in the city to be much more suitable. You may find this to be so, as well. Three years ago my wife and I moved back to Chicago from northern California (yes, “northern,” as in Humboldt County, which is... Read more »

If the White Sox Don't Sign Cespedes Fans Should Boycott the Team

I’m begging. Every time I open the Tribune on-line, ESPN, or MLB Trade Rumors I expect to see Yoenis Cespedes has been signed by the Mets, Angels, Tigers, Braves, or some other Major League baseball team that wants to upgrade their team and win. Yoenis Cespedes. In 2015 he was a top ten player in... Read more »

Amusement (I hope) for a 3 Day Weekend

Some thoughts for a three-day weekend: Baby, it’s cold outside. I did my confirmation presentation on Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream” speech. His life mattered. Black lives matter. All lives matter. Hillary is the only one that hits me as being Chief Executive material. I don’t want Ted Cruz anywhere near a bomb. I... Read more »

The FitLot Proposal for Grant Park Must Be Shot Down By the Grant Park Conservancy, and Reconsidered by the Chicago Park District

The providing of an outdoor neighborhood fitness area by a not-for-profit is potentially a wonderful idea, but sometimes people get carried away and it’s up to decision makers to realize the mistakes before money, time, and land is devoted to foolish endeavors. I happen to catch today a post by Chicago, a news blog,... Read more »

Mayor Rahm Emanuel Got Rid of the Guy That Screwed Up and Now We Need to Turn The Page

It was obviously a huge discussion these last several days, and finally today Mayor Rahm Emanuel dismissed Chicago Police Department Superintendent Garry McCarthy. During the same press conference Emanuel stated he is appointing a panel of “distinguished” Chicagoans to conduct a review of the police department. In my way of thinking, that’s the bigger news.... Read more »

A Grandchild's Questions on Thanksgiving, Being Grateful, Immigrants, Protests and the Cops

It’s Thanksgiving, my favorite. And now the grandchildren get to ask questions. Grandchild: Grandpa, what is Thanksgiving? Me: It’s about tradition and a celebration that happened a long time ago between a group of immigrants who came to a place in America called Plymouth Rock to celebrate their new freedom in a new country with... Read more »

Peaceful Protest keeping it Classy in Chicago

Peaceful Protest keeping it Classy in Chicago
  You knew when the Police released the video tonight the Mediterranean Chuncken ought to get down with a little Three Floyd’s ale pretty quick and get washed down, out the door.   Caught a cab to head west and south to get around the peaceful protests, and was glad to see relative calm. More tomorrow. ... Read more »

New Development at Roosevelt and Michigan is a Chicago Game Changer

The proposed development on the northeast corner of Roosevelt Avenue and Michigan Avenue directly across Roosevelt from Grant Park is a game changer. There was some good reporting in the Chicago Tribune last week on the proposed Wanda tower on East Wacker and the new Apple retail store by Blair Kamin following the Chicago Plan Commission... Read more »

I Like the New Buildings Proposed in Chicago, But These Plan Commissioners Should Wake Up

I attended my first official Chicago public meeting yesterday, a Chicago Plan Commission public hearing, and I came away unimpressed. Not with the plans presented, which are glorious. With the Commissioners. If they were any less interested they’d need to have set alarms. There are many very important issues to face these days in the... Read more »

If Spike Lee's Film "CHI-RAQ" Helps Save 1 Life It's the Best Thing That Could Happen to Chicago

I’m a little outraged at the outrage over Spike Lee’s new joint (movie), entitled “CHI-RAQ.” The title refers to a play on words comparing violence in Chicago to the violence in the Middle East, specifically Iraq. The plot is “a modern day re-imagining of the ancient Greek comedy “Lysistrata” set in inner-city Chicago.” “Lysistrata” is a comic... Read more »