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Say Hey, Willie and Good Riddance, I Hope, Adam LaRoche

I stopped watching the White Sox at some point last year. Part of it was because the Cubs were so good in comparison, and so much more fun to watch. The Sox were a disaster. Boring. Losers. And the epitome of that lousy play and lack of personality was Adam LaRoche. Funny, I was going... Read more »

Amusement (I hope) for a 3 Day Weekend

Some thoughts for a three-day weekend: Baby, it’s cold outside. I did my confirmation presentation on Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream” speech. His life mattered. Black lives matter. All lives matter. Hillary is the only one that hits me as being Chief Executive material. I don’t want Ted Cruz anywhere near a bomb. I... Read more »

The Result of the Property Tax Hike: If the Chicago White Sox Don't Win Right Now Reinsdorf Must Sell the Team

Earlier this week the Chicago City Council approved Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s property tax increase, the largest in the history of this great city. While that sounds ominous, I continue to be in favor of the increase. As I have written previously, I don’t like taxes any more than the next guy, and it’s a real... Read more »