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Over 90 percent of Chicago business leaders say city is home to cronyism

Chicago is America’s corruption capital. And nowhere is that more evident than in the cronyism that tilts the city’s economy toward favored political players. More than 9 in 10 Chicago business leaders agreed that a form of cronyism is practiced in Chicago, according to a new study commissioned by the Committee for Economic Development. The... Read more »

Chicago minimum-wage hike hitting small-business owners

When Chicago City Council voted in 2014 to hike the city’s minimum wage to $13 an hour over the next five years, business owners warned there would be pain. The owner of the iconic Original Rainbow Cone ice cream shop in Beverley said she would be forced to cut the number of students her business... Read more »

Dear Rahm, here’s what Chicago entrepreneurs want for Christmas

When it comes to growth, Chicago needs all the help it can get. Entrepreneurship is foundational to economic growth and social mobility; it should be encouraged at every turn. Instead, would-be entrepreneurs in the Windy City are met with reams of paperwork, months of wait time, harsh penalties for minor slip-ups and politicians taking a... Read more »

Chicago sign rules are a threat to free speech

Creating a sign legally in the Windy City can be a herculean feat, but a majority of city aldermen have signed on to a new ordinance that would make things a little bit easier. Unfortunately, concerns over aldermanic power remain. Specifically, allowing an alderman a say in whether to allow a sign raises serious free-speech... Read more »

What’s the most ridiculous bureaucracy in Illinois? Try putting up a sign in Chicago

Starting a successful small business is no small feat. In Chicago, it’s practically a miracle. From sky-high taxes on commercial property to the endless red tape that led one journalist to describe starting a business in the Windy City as a “dystopian nightmare,” it’s enough to make an entrepreneur wonder whether Chicago politicians want her... Read more »