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Over 90 percent of Chicago business leaders say city is home to cronyism

Chicago is America’s corruption capital. And nowhere is that more evident than in the cronyism that tilts the city’s economy toward favored political players. More than 9 in 10 Chicago business leaders agreed that a form of cronyism is practiced in Chicago, according to a new study commissioned by the Committee for Economic Development. The... Read more »

Taxi-lobby funding fuels Chicago push to shackle Uber drivers

Flush with taxi cash, some Chicago aldermen are determined to impose cumbersome restrictions on those trying to make a living through ride-hailing services. Members of City Council moved March 14 to subject drivers using platforms such as Uber and Lyft to the same chauffer’s license requirement under which traditional taxi drivers have been forced to... Read more »

Chicago forces city, state taxpayers to shell out tens of millions of dollars for DePaul basketball arena

Chicago government officials are scrambling to justify spending millions in city- and state-backed dollars to construct a brand-new DePaul University basketball arena and accompanying hotel in the South Loop. The latest news on the controversial project came when Chicago City Council last month waived $2.6 million in construction fees after Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority,... Read more »

Most Chicago homes tested for lead in drinking water are owned by public works employees

UPDATE: Chicago will begin testing water in homes where children are poisoned by lead, according to the Chicago Tribune. Currently, the city only tests 50 homes for lead in the drinking water every three years. A Tribune investigation found in February that since 2003, most of those homes were located in areas where cases of lead poisoning are rare, and a vast... Read more »