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Chicago area sees largest black exodus in the U.S.

The Chicago area lost more than 35,000 black residents between 2014 to 2015, according to new data from the U.S. Census Bureau. This stands as the largest black exodus of any metropolitan area in the country, according to analysis from the Chicago Tribune. This loss of black residents led the Chicago metropolitan statistical area, which... Read more »

Chicago’s city gas tax would be highest in the nation under new ordinance

Worried about pain at the pump? Chicago gas taxes would become even higher under a proposal from 36th Ward Ald. Gilbert Villegas. The alderman’s ordinance, introduced April 13, would hike the city’s motor fuel tax to 12 cents per gallon from 5 cents per gallon – a whopping 140 percent increase that would make Chicago’s... Read more »

Chicago government-worker overtime pay is out of control

The Chicago Police Department set a new spending record for overtime pay in 2015, paying out more than $116 million in overtime – up 17 percent from the previous year, according to a Chicago Sun-Times investigation. This finding follows November news that in 2014, a third of Chicago city employees took home six figures, a... Read more »

Chicago spent $30K on music, meetings at South by Southwest

Chicago faces a world of trouble. Its school system is on the verge of bankruptcy. Middle-class jobs have disappeared en masse. And vast swaths of the city are trapped in a vicious cycle of violence, incarceration and lack of opportunity. One problem the city doesn’t have? Lack of good music. So, it’s shocking that in... Read more »

After record tax hike to fund pensions, Chicago borrows $220M for pensions

In his most recent budget address, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel said his 2016 budget would “eliminate the structural deficit once and for all.” But mere months after passing a record-setting property-tax hike, nearly all of which will go to fund pensions for police and firemen, Chicago still doesn’t have enough cash on hand to make... Read more »

Taxi-lobby funding fuels Chicago push to shackle Uber drivers

Flush with taxi cash, some Chicago aldermen are determined to impose cumbersome restrictions on those trying to make a living through ride-hailing services. Members of City Council moved March 14 to subject drivers using platforms such as Uber and Lyft to the same chauffer’s license requirement under which traditional taxi drivers have been forced to... Read more »

Chicago deemed ‘corruption leader’ in 2015

From red-light cameras to a police dash cam, cigarettes to city checks, public schools to City Hall, 2015 was another black mark on the ethics record of Chicago government. A new report from researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago details public corruption across Illinois over the course of 2015, noting that Chicagoans “experienced... Read more »

Most Chicago homes tested for lead in drinking water are owned by public works employees

UPDATE: Chicago will begin testing water in homes where children are poisoned by lead, according to the Chicago Tribune. Currently, the city only tests 50 homes for lead in the drinking water every three years. A Tribune investigation found in February that since 2003, most of those homes were located in areas where cases of lead poisoning are rare, and a vast... Read more »

Rahm to seize one of Chicago’s largest buildings for private gain

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has his eyes set on the Old Main Post Office, and there’s a good chance he won’t be denied. Emanuel’s administration announced Feb. 20 its plans to seize the historic riverfront property and solicit bids for redevelopment, according to DNAinfo. While the U.S. Postal Service sold the building to investor Bill... Read more »

Chicago officials to kick pedicabs while they’re down

In 2014, Chicago aldermen passed an ordinance that devastated the city’s pedicab industry, capping the number of licensed pedicabs at 200 and banning them from operating in the most lucrative areas, to name just a few restrictions. The Chicago Pedicab Association estimated that less than two months after the implementation of the new rules, pedicab... Read more »