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Nothing personal, everything structural: What Chicago needs from its new mayor

Rahm Emanuel shocked the political world earlier this month in announcing he will serve the rest of his term as a lame duck. Songs of rejoicing erupted from Chicagoans across the political spectrum, who see Emanuel’s exit as an opportunity for their preferred leader to push for their preferred interests on the fifth floor of City Hall.... Read more »

Chicago aldermen seek control over all city licenses in their wards

Chicago’s 50 aldermen hold near-despotic control over commercial activity within their wards. This has lead to an unrivaled culture of graft, greed and corruption within Windy City municipal government. But instead of taking steps to roll back extraordinary powers, some aldermen are dead set on expanding them. Under an ordinance introduced March 29, not only... Read more »

Chicago rent out of reach as city hamstrings developers

A typical apartment is far too expensive for the average Chicago family, according to a new report from the National Low Income Housing Coalition. More than 1 million renters call the Chicago area home. Their estimated median income is just above $36,500. But affording a modest one-bedroom apartment requires an annual salary of more than... Read more »

Inspector General: Pothole politics waste millions of dollars in Chicago

When it comes to potholes, prevention is paramount – but Chicago politics get in the way, according to a report issued by Inspector General Joe Ferguson’s office on Dec. 22. The report found that commonsense fixes to the current system protecting Chicago pavement, described as “neither efficient nor cost-effective,” would save taxpayers $4.6 million a... Read more »

What’s the most ridiculous bureaucracy in Illinois? Try putting up a sign in Chicago

Starting a successful small business is no small feat. In Chicago, it’s practically a miracle. From sky-high taxes on commercial property to the endless red tape that led one journalist to describe starting a business in the Windy City as a “dystopian nightmare,” it’s enough to make an entrepreneur wonder whether Chicago politicians want her... Read more »

Stop chef: Chicago aldermen move to ban newly legal food carts while dishing out sidewalk space to restaurants

Food carts will soon be legal in Chicago, but the fight for food-cart freedom may have just begun. The Chicago City Council lifted the city’s ban on food-cart street vending with a unanimous vote on Sept. 24. But hours after overturning the ban, Aldermen Brendan Reilly, 42nd Ward, and Tom Tunney, 44th Ward, introduced ordinances... Read more »